2023: A celebratory year for our little farm.

We dedicate the 40th anniversary of the first vintage produced to Bisci Giuseppe.

Definitely a small goal that projects us more and more into the future, believing in quality and respect for the territory. The MATELICA.

verdicchio di matelica bottiglia quarantesimo
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A bit of history:
Giuseppe Bisci, a furniture industrialist in 1972, bought this estate, diversifying against the trend in that industrial area defined as the Silicon Valley of the household appliance. In 1982 the first collection!
With the release of the new 2022 vintage, there are “40 vintages” and today more than ever we are required to defend this wine heritage by carrying on generation after generation that irreproducible typicality of Verdicchio di Matelica. This small DOC identified as Matelica is an area of ​​eight municipalities where unique pedoclimatic aspects are created. The valley has a north / south exposure parallel to the sea identified as the camerte syncline, a candidate for unesco heritage.


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